Online Shop Ts&Cs

  1. There are three categories of information:
    1. General practice documents, such as Ts and Cs and information sheets to patients
    2. Employment documents, such as template contracts, employment policies and forms
    3. Draft consent- and treatment information forms
  2. More forms and templates will be added over time. Please feel free to contact us here if you think that a new template document is required, and we will, if possible, develop one and add it to the Healthcare Practice’s Online Shop.
Copyright and restrictions of use
  1. The documents are all subject to copyright which belongs to EKC.
  2. The documents are FOR SALE ONLY TO HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS IN PRIVATE PRACTICE and are not for sale to businesses or entities not healthcare practices or not healthcare practitioners. Such persons or entities are welcome to contact EKC so that appropriate documents and forms can be made available. Contact us here.
  3. Non-healthcare professional entities and health care trade associations / societies / professional groups / practice management groups may not buy and/or use these documents for any purpose.  It may also not for commercial purposes, e.g. buy a single document or documents and then provide it as a value-add to healthcare professional clients or – members.
  4. EKC reserves the right to check the validity of a buyer’s HPCSA, SANC or other professional council registration, and may take any steps necessary to protect their copyright and any other rights that may vest in these documents.
Tailor-making, amendments and training
  1. The documents are provided in pdf format.
  2. Documents may be amended to suit the needs and circumstances of each Practice or situation. EKC can help practices tailor-make the documents at its usual hourly professional fee rate, or can review draft finalised documents for practices. Contact us here.
  3. The sharing of the documents or any part thereof with any other practice or any other entity is strictly prohibited.
  4. EKC can provide training to Practices or designated staff on the forms and policies, e.g. training sessions for staff on how to deal with requests for confidential- and other information.
  1. Documents are bought by means of a secure online shop, using PayPal for payments. You will be able to pay immediately after you have selected the documents you want to buy.
  2. You will receive a valid tax invoice.
  3. Due to copyright restrictions, no re-funds are provided.
Disclaimers and conditions of use
  1. Please note the disclaimers and conditions of use provided on each document. The documents are templates only, and EKC cannot be held liable for any changes made to the documents, including but not limited to deletions made in such documents by the Practice, without consulting EKC.